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Marcy Casino

Marcy Casino - Delaware Park Lake

Buiding:  Marcy Casino (

Project Location:  Delaware Park

Scope of Work:  Two phase reconstruction project.  Phase 1 to include restroom reconstruction on the upper and lower floors (four rooms in total).  The new renovation will upgrade all four restrooms to be handicap accessible while increasing energy efficiency and reducing water consumption in the building.  Second Phase of construction will include construction of new interior elevator and further restoration work to building.

Estimated Completion:  March 2012 (Phase 1)

Estimated Construction Cost:  $288,000 (Phases 1 & 2)

Current Status: Construction work for phase 1 has begun and is expected be be complete by early March.  Phase 2 work is in the design phase and an RFP must be sent out for additional structural engineering services required.  Funding for Phase 2 will become available after the upcoming 2012 bond sale. (Updated 2/21/2012)



E.B. Green’s Delaware Park Casino

Building History:  The original structure was designed in 1874 by Calver Vaux as a boathouse for the Delaware Park Lake. Over the years the boathouse was enlarged by popular demand, but a tragic fire in 1900 laid destruction to the building taking its original design down in flames.  The casino was rebuilt off a new design by E.B. Green in 1901 (just in time for the Pan-American Exposition).  Sadly, the casino was modified in 1961 in a move to modernize the building.  The new renovation took a jump to modernization leaving E.B. Green’s design and the history of the building in its dust.  The Casino was finally restored in 1990 to reflect the styles of Olmsted, Vaux, and Green leaving us with the existing structure we have today.

The Marcy Casino is operated by the Olmstead Parks Conservancy ( and can be rented out for special events, private parties, and elegant weddings.  For more information on renting the space, please call (716) 886-0088 or e-mail

What’s been done:  I have been working closely with the Olmstead Conservancy on this reconstruction project.  After meeting with their architect and other members of the organization, it was clear that we all shared the same goal of making the casino handicap accessible while creating a space that parallels the elegance of the events that take place there (primarily weddings, graduations, and other celebratory events).  We also knew that budget constraints could possibly affect our goal and be our biggest setback.  To make the project come in under budget, several alternate pricing options were requested in the proposal for bids.  Bids are due the week of the 30th.

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